SAW09 debate During the 2009 edition of the Sofia Architecture Week Ljubo Georgiev organised a debate named 'Neighbourhoods on the edge'. The aim of the discussion was to talk about the problems and potentials of the mass-housing suburbs of Sofia built during communism. The invited speakers were Maria Baleva (architect active in the 70's and 80's), Petar Dikov (city architect of Sofia), Georgi Katov (an architect who built a new block in such a neighbourhood), Vessela Nozarova (co-curator of the Bulgarian entry to the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2008) and Georgi Georgiev (representative of the Bulgarian Housing Association).

A video footage of the event can be seen on our YOU tube channel

SAW09 debat Tijdens de 2009 editie van de Sofia Architecture Week heeft Ljubo Georgiev het debat 'Neighbourhoods on the edge' georganiseerd. Het doel van het gesprek was om de problemen en potenties van Sofia's naoorlogse communistische wijken te bespreken. De deelnemende sprekers waren Maria Baleva (architect die in de jaren 70-80 actief is geweest), Petar Dikov (stadsarchitect van Sofia), Georgi Katov (een architect die had kort geleden een flatgebouw in een dergelijke wijk ontworpen heeft), Vessela Nozarova (co-curator van de Bulgaarse deelname aan de 2008 Architectuur Biennale in Venetiƫ) and Georgi Georgiev (vertegenwoordiger van de Bulgarian Housing Association). Video opname van het debat is te zien op ons YOU tube channel

foto Mihail Novakov