Workshop: Indexing Invisible Scapes

A breeze or a strong wind from the sea can be felt but hardly seen. Indexing and materializing wind adds another layer to the place and exposes an invisible quality, leading to a new probably poetic experience.

Indexing invisible scapes deals with an exploration of wind and light as protagonists of urban installations. The exploration of the phenomena is twofold. On the one hand the choice of materialization and construction technique leads to an appropriate way of making these phenomenon visible, whether it is wind, sound or light. On the other hand there is the location of the installation, were the quality of the place gets amplified by the installations.

location: EASA007 Elefsina (GR) 2007
tutors: Simon de Jong, Max Rink
participants: Ksenia, Tim, Lisa, Emelie, Roland, Boyana, Sara, Christian, Taner, Alexander, Philip, Liza