Modernism in Bulgarian magazines in the period between the two World Wars (1920-1945)
Architecture history thesis, Masters of Architecture, TU Delft, 2007

This essay investigates into the first sings of Modernism in Bulgaria, and especially
the way in which they were advertised by the professional media at the time. Two periods
can be defined in this process.

The first one took place until the mid 1930s and was typical with a more strong influence of
Functionalism, also in relation to the then very active Bauhaus and other Modern architects.
Discussions were aimed at finding solutions for the building crisis and urban expansion that
were present in these years. Architects of this period exhibited different levels of “modernistic”
idealism. The main antagonism in this period is between tradition and innovation.

The second one took place from the beginning of the 1930s to the beginning of the 1940s
and was dominated by the discussion on the relationship between national and international
architecture. The polemics there were surrounding the issue of national identity, expressed
in a national style and the responsibility that each architect had for developing such a style.
For the first time one could observe a government strategy, that was ideologically motivated
and aimed at a big scale construction program.

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